ODBC to Informix

I’m kicking the tires on the Toad for Data Analysis. Trying out the Query Builder to search on one table, with a view that works in several other programs and a small set of fields from the view. The only limit is on one field I put in a where clause that I know works.

I’m connected to an Informix database through the ODBC connection. When I run the query that I built in the builder, I get this error:
ERROR [HY000] [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Owner name is too long.

Toad was able to connect and load the view and list of columns. Not sure why a query it built is not able to execute.

Anybody have a suggestion?

In the Query Builder, can you click on the SQL tab and post the SQL statement that the buidler is generating?


SELECT problem_history_vw.rnid
, problem_history_vw.titl
, problem_history_vw.comk
, problem_history_vw.rout
, problem_history_vw.type
, problem_history_vw.groa
, problem_history_vw.dato
, problem_history_vw.crit
, problem_history_vw.task_completed
, problem_history_vw.time_stamp
, problem_history_vw.last_mod_by
FROM report_prod.informix.problem_history_vw problem_history_vw
WHERE (problem_history_vw.groa = ‘CAMP’)

I tried this query in the editor window:
select * from problem_history_vw where groa=‘CAMP’

It worked without a problem.

I can’t get my Informix database to get up and running so I can not test. Try right clicking on the Query Builder, and in the options deselect “Use fully qualified names”. See if that makes a difference.