Odd Editor Behavior

Using build 17.1.572.3212

The text on the current line automatically changes spacing:

like it automatically adds/removes some spaces or is trying to automatically reformat the line somehow.

Is it just that one line? You're moving the caret so quickly in the video I couldn't tell, but the other lines appeared OK. Please share sample text here that reproduces it or save the sample text in a file, UTF-8 encoded, and mail it to me at michael.staszewski@quest.com.

I was just moving the cursor with the arrow key. It also looks like the spacing of text gets "squished" together. In this vid, I am just highlighting the text on the screen: watch the text just before the @ sign.


I do have my resolution on my monitor set to 150% normal size. If that helps. I have to have this set this way due to having a 4K monitor and my eyes aren't as good as they once were.

When monitor is in 100% scale, it doesn't perform this behavior.

I am unable to reproduce this. I'm using Toad on a 4k monitor. By default I use 200% scaling as I cannot see 150%. I tried both 200% and 150% and my text isn't changing like that.

Please zip your User Files folder and email it to me at michael.staszewski@quest.com. Its location will be a subfolder of Toad's application data directory. You can find that location in Options on the Files and Folders | App Folders page.