Open SQL Optimizer from Toad (always open expired beta version)


I have opened a question of Toad forum
but seems it is not a question for Toad but for SQL Optimizer.

So I opened the same question here . Please accept that everything explained on the previous link.

Brg and thx


The option to control which edition/version to open up when launched from Toad is shared by all editions and versions of SQL Optimizer. It means that you can open any working copy of the product to change the default.

In your case, please launch the licensed 8.9.1 SQL Optimizer, then click on Options. Under the General | Options page, there is a “Setting…” button on the bottom of the screen. Click that button and you will be able to change your default.

I have also put the answer in the Toad forum to benefit other people.

And in case you have problem setting the option through the product, here is where the option stored:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle Shared\