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Oracle 11g Database Express Fuzzy Searching


Very new to this forum. I’ve recently installed the above referenced software, but no clue how to use it. I use SQL daily, and would like to utilize Oracle functionality (specifically the TEXT features and FUZZY searching). I would then use TOAD for Oracle and SQL syntax to query the data.

Is there a link or post somewhere that shows me how to: a) load data; b) create necessary indexes; c) Link TOAD to db; d) Begin querying.

Thank you.

You could start with this white paper from Oracle Corporation:…/11goracletexttwp-133192.pdf. Page 19 has a simple example to get you started:

We would like to create a text index on the PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION column to make

it searchable. The index creation is a SQL statement:

CREATE INDEX description_idx ON

Searching is also a SQL statement:

SELECT score(1), product_id, product_name
FROM product_information
(product_description, 'monitor NEAR "high resolution"', 1)>0
ORDER BY score(1) DESC;

You can also refer to the Oracle Text Application Developer’s Guide:…/toc.htm.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will read up on that.