Oracle Multi-tenant Application Containers - Part II - Create Application Container

Jul 10, 2017 4:22:29 PM by Anju Garg

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Thanks for the example of application PDBs.
I have few questions on this one.

  1. When we create the application using "begin" but we wanted to abort, can we do it? If yes how?
  2. We know that we can uninstall the application from application root, but can we drop the application instead or do we have to drop the entire application root and start from the beginning?

Please advise.

Hi Everyone, Does anybody know how to create the APP tables by using impdp?, because I've seen several posts regarding app container and installing application by creating tables using CREATE statement, but what about installing tables with millons of rows????.
Thank you in advance.

I'm not sure whether that's the only procedure, but one possible solution could be:

  1. use Data Pump import with contents=metadata_only and sqlfile parameters, optionally also the exclude parameter to filter on what you want to be on the script
  2. run the obtained script on the application root in the context of installing an application
  3. sync your APP pds(s)
  4. then re-run the Data Pump Import with contents=data_only towards the APP pdb(s)