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OT: Switching from cold backups to hot backups

Have 10gr2 production/production standby database pair currently backed up using
daily cold backups and daily exports. Archiving is on.

Have never made use of hot backups but mgmt now having issues with nightly hour
of downtime needed for the cold backup.

I would really appreciate hearing from the db gurus who haunt this forum any
gotchas, benefits, pros, cons… of switching from cold backups to hot
backups as it’s an area I have no experience in but have been tasked to
“see if it can be done”.


Deb Flad

Wilmington DE USA

O: 302-633-2694 C: 302-528-3652

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Hot backup is quite easy in which there is no down time of the prod db is required.

Just issue the command
sql>Alter database begin backup;
now ur db will be backup mode
manually copy and paste the .DBF to backup location using OS command (both on Windows and Linux environment)
once the backup (copy and paste) is done, issue the command
sql>Alter database end backup;
now ur db will be normal mode.

Need to copy archive log files also to backup location,it will be used for recovering ur db with Hot backup and Archive log, this recovery is called as Cancel based recovery.

Try this. Its really simple and easy

Abdul kalam.
Oracle DBA