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Percentage format in Pivot Grid broken

I want to format a calculated column in the Pivot Grid as a percentage. IE: 106%
The format window when choosing percentage shows the value correctly but when press Ok to apply the format is not applied.

Hmmm... trying to, but can't reproduce... I'm running TDP 5.6 (latest release) and here's how I percentage-ized my calculated field... works for me...

I tried to reproduce as well in Toad Data Point v5.6 and could not

I tried this in Version 5.4 and it still doesn't work for me. If I get a chance to download the latest version I'll see if I can confirm it is okay there.
In 5.4 I noticed that the Calculation mode was not on the editor. I hope this was not removed. I must use that for my calculation. Please confirm that is still there.
In the meantime I am using the formula below to do my formatting for percentage.

I confirmed that the percentage formatting works in 5.6. But the Calculation mode options are gone. How do I set these options now?