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Poor performance of TOAD during execute command

I installed TOAD It copy all my setting from my previous TOAD version (12.10).
I've seen that executing every command on new 13.2 TOAD take a long time.
I switch on spool SQL on Database Menu.
It show that TOAD hangs on query:
Select s.*
WHERE ((s.OWNER = :own) OR ((s.TABLE_OWNER = :own) or (s.table_owner is null) and s.OWNER = 'PUBLIC'))
and S.TABLE_NAME = :OneObjectName
and s.db_link is null
order by s.owner, s.synonym_name;

This query is run about 3 times per command.
Every executions take about 1 minutes so I can't work on new TOAD.

There is no problem on TOAD 12.10 (It not execute that query).

Refresshing statistics
exec dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats;
exec dbms_stats.gather_fixed_objects_stats;

not help.

Why TOAD run that query ?
May I switch off this by TOAD options ?