Pop-ups in editor not showing or extremely slow


while editing, I like the pop-up that appears after typing a period and the prototype parmlist that appears after an opening parenthesis. However, I do have a few issues with these features:

  1. When I continue typing, be assured I know what I want and please do not bother showing the pop-up. It hampers my typing. I’m fine with a pop-up that waits a while (say half a second) before it intrudes upon me with a list of suggestions. I’m happy to wait half a second when I do want the list.

  2. When it takes 10-20 seconds to produce the list, while the CPU goes to 100%, something seems not to be quite ok. I’ve started typeing $$ as a placeholder to prevent the assistive pop-up from preventing me from doing useful work. With a Ctrl-R that can be changed to periods with a lot less hassle than typing the period straight where it should go and then wait for the pop-up to finish whatever it’s all doing. Would you please fix this? It’s a major nuisance to me.

  3. The prototype parameter-list that appears after I type an opening parenthesis following a procedure or function name is very practical. I wish I could predict when it will appear and when it will not. I remain utterly at a loss. When the prototype statemnt does not appear, I just huit F4 to copy the parmlist, but the prototype is more convenient. As said: it’s Always a surprise will it show, or will it not?

Best regards,
Abe Kornelis