Possible Bug... TDA v2.7


When trying to REPAIR or OPTIMIZE MySQL tables using the context menu (right-click over table, and then click on REPAIR TABLE or OPTIMIZE TABLE) I get an error, and the SQL returned in Editor shows:

OPTIMIZE TABLEcalculos_hora

REPAIR TABLEcalculos_hora

So, there is a missing space between “TABLE” and “calculos_hora” (my table’s name). Haven’t checked other menu’s options yet. Will do and post any oher problem, if exists.

The OPTIMIZE/REPAIR TABLE works just fine when typing the command on Editor or adding the missing space when option is chosen from right-click menu, so I think this is just a minor bug.

Best regards!


Thanks for the bug report. This is now fixed and will be available in the next update or release.


Hello, David.

Thanks for your reply. Any estimated date for the next update/release?

Thanks in advance!


Any answer??

Any estimated date for the update/upgrade release?

It will be available in Beta approx Dec 16


Thanks, Debbie, for you always valuable response.

Hello again,

How is this BETA going??? :smiley:
When is this going to be released???

I’m anxiously waiting for the new fixes and features in order to work properly with TDA 2.7.

In this moments I have to use both at the same time (v2.6 and v2.7) because there are somo things that works OK in one version, but don’t in the other one.

Hope the new update/upgrade will be available soon!

We were discussing this yesterday. We tentatively set a date to go back into Beta for the second week of January.

Enjoy the holidays!