Quest Error Manager Freeware v1.4.1 missing documentation


I've downloaded Quest Error Manager Freeware v1.4.1 to implemente in my PL/SQL packages. A very brief idea found in the author's book . In the downloaded folder, there is html file and help file but these are empty. They look like this:


Is this what should I expect or there is something missing here?

In fact, I cannot use the package as numerous procedures inside, do not have documentation to know what the parameteres we need to pass to them and how to fetch their values ... etc. I'd deeply appreciate it if someone can point out where can I find the documentation/examples/reference for this package.

When I try the link on that page, I get a access denied error. Are you able to download anything from this page?

Unfortunately, Quest Error Manager is no longer provided on Toad World. Steven’s book and the zip file is all the documentation that exists for the tool. I found a copy of the zip file in my archives which I’ve attached here.


Thank you [:)]