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Quest news

Regarding today’s news that Quest (QSFT) is going private, this was provided to
all employees by the company:

  1. How should employees handle calls/questions from the media regarding the

Our policy is that only authorized Company spokespersons should speak with the
media. Please do not respond directly to questions from the media and analysts.
We also encourage you not to comment on blogs, social media and other forums
about this transaction . It is important that we speak with one voice and put
accurate information in the market.

But just so rumors don’t abound and people get worried about your product,
regarding what it means for Quest, for Toad - from all the literature & FAQ
provided to us - for all practical purposes nothing whatsoever. Everything
continues just as it had been. I hope that’s not “commenting” too much!

As for us, we are doing exactly what we did yesterday - we are heads down in our
final preparations to deliver Toad 11.5 to management by the end of March for an
April release. And soon we’ll be very busy preparing to plan for a fall release.
After which we’ll be busy preparing for next year’s release, after which, and so