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question about a query - would really appreciate your help!


I switched to a new version of toad and one of my old queries gives me a date twice in the same cell. Does anybody know what to do about it? Apologies if this is a stupid question, I am not very good at queries…learning.


Here are the lines in code that produce this result:

max(decode(event_code, ‘SIQ’,pe.ACTUAL_DATE,null)) TEAM,

max(decode(event_code, ‘IPR’,pe.ACTUAL_DATE,null)) ER,

max(decode(event_code, ‘MDL’,pe.ACTUAL_DATE,null)) MDL,

max(decode(event_code, ‘FAP’,pe.ACTUAL_DATE,null)) FAP,

And I get smth like this in the SAME cell: "09/03/2007 9/3/2007"