Question - is there any application which converts SAS to TOAD for Oracle SQL?

Is there any application which would help me converting SAS program into TOAD for Oracle SQL?

Thank you in advance.

Assuming that you mean PL/SQL (and not merely SQL) ...
Would be cool, but I'm not aware of any utility (forum readers, please advise here if I'm wrong.)

However, if you really did mean SQL, then except for SAS variables and maybe SAS-specific formatting clauses, etc., the SQL specified in your Proc SQL blocks should be executable on Oracle with little to no modifications.

For example, in the SAS block below...
proc sql;
select col1, col2, ... , coln
from table1;

... you should be able to execute the SQL in Toad's Editor...
select col1, col2, ... , coln
from table1;

Thank you Gary,

Yes, I mean PL/SQL. Yes converting SAS SQL to PL/SQL or SQL, I have base SAS with Data statement, SAS macros, Arrays and more.

I am looking for some kind of application where I can cut and past to. Then provide me with PL/SQL or SQL code.

Thank you.

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