Re: Re: Saving in EXCEL 2007, weird grid behavior

Scrolling dito

But Most Times i use Some Filters...

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On 09.10.2009, at 16:04, "pknowles9" wrote:

I do this regularly, but there are quite a few people who do scroll through huge spreadsheets here (don't ask me why), so they do need to be formatted as some of them are at the VP level or above.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I again I strongly request the option to save in the 2007 version directly, with full formatting.

Thanks. Paul

--- In, "Rich Jesse" <r2qti2@...> wrote:

Hey Paul,

Great, how soon will you release a version to do this? Some of my saves take

quite a while, and I am often working on EXCEL in the interim. Using an

instance means that it will save to whatever workbook I am currently working

on, not a new workbook, which can be a disaster.

Perhaps a temporary alternative would be to save to CSV for importing into

Excel? It adds one more (minor) step, but it wouldn't get in your way while

you were in Excel, either. You'd also lose the auto-formatting that Toad

does, but I'd venture a guess that you don't have folks that are interested

in scrolling through each of those >64K rows either.

Just a thought...

Rich -- [TeamT]

Disclaimer: I'd rather win a noble prize than a Nobel one.


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