Refresh Application Variables Display Indexes Bug?

If the Entity is formatted to Display Indexes and the index uses an application variable, then after selecting the model’s Refresh Application Variables the index reads the application variable syntax code and not the resolved application variable name. Clicking Apply in the Entities properties window, clicking apply in the Entity’s Object Format window, or relaunching TDM resolves the index display issue. This issue is regardless of Display Mode (Caption or Name).

Is there a setting or option that I'm missing that allows the user to Refresh Application Variables including indices? Or can you confirm this is a bug? If so, is there macro/script workaround?

Using TDM On Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1809 OS build 17763.914.

could you please specify exactly value of index name? I understand that you use App.Var. in index name, but I need to know what expression you use.

Thank you