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Replace all for multiple occurrences of bind variable


When I'm running a SQL with multiple occurrences of a bind variable with F9:

SELECT &1+&1+&1+&1+&1+&1+&1+&1 FROM DUAL;

...Toad dutifully pops up the Variables window, but shows a separate variable entry for each occurrence. Shouldn't this just be a single replacement? Subsequent runs of the same SQL automagically substitute the last value of the first occurrence for each.

Or am I using this wrong? Which is not only possible, but probable. :jack_o_lantern:


Replace '&' with '&&'.

Ha! See? I knew it was me! I probably had that knowledge 20 years ago, but lost it somewhere along the way from lack of use.

Thanks for finding it again for me, Doug! :smiley: