Replace text functionality gripe

I support an application on ~2,000 databases. A lot of the updates we end up performing are across db_links from a central database. Since the link is changing often, I use the replace text feature all the time.

My request is to have the replace dialogue default to global scope and entire scope at all times. I believe, in general, most usage of replace would fit into these defaults with the exceptions to only be for selected text or from the cursor forward.

In 10.5, it always defaulted to the “from cursor” option on first open in an editor tab. After I changed it, it stayed on entire scope for subsequent operations.

Now, in 10.6, it appears to default to entire scope, but the scope section defaults to selected text if I have text selected. My expectation of the behavior is that I have selected the text I want to replace so it is automatically put into the “text to find”, but it appears to instead think I have highlighted the scope of my replace. It always picks this and I have to now change it EVERY time.

Not sure if I am too specific in my usage of the editor for replace. Please consider, as default functionality, that the user has selected the text they want to replace, the “text to find”, and that they are going to replace that text globally and for the entire scope of the file. From there, the user can use all the selection options to scope the replace down to specific sizes.