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Reserved words are changed to uppercase in strings

Reserved words are changed to uppercase in strings.
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All sql reserved words appear as uppercase, which is correct.
If same word is used in comment or string it also automatically changed to uppercase, e.g. TRANSACTION or FROM
Is there setting that does not convert reserved words to uppercase inside a string?

I see the formatter in 13.1 does change reserved word case in comments and strings. It's fixed in upcoming 13.2 release. I'm not aware of an option to control the behavior in 13.1, it looks like a bug.

@elk2000 I spoke too soon. I was able to reproduce it in 13.1, but afterwards I was asked by another dev here if the problem was his or mine and now.... I cannot reproduce it!

In case I thought I saw something I did not earlier, can you post example SQL and your steps to reproduce?

Earlier I had done two things. First I set this option to "Upper" and then typed SQL in the Editor including using "from" in a string and a comment. I was unable to reproduce.

Next I attempted to format my code using Ctrl+Shift+F and that's when I think I saw my "from" change to "FROM" in a comment.

Please share detailed steps so we can reproduce it.