Rubbish in Code Analysis

Hello from Germany,

in one of my package bodies, when executing code analysis, there pop up two strange and not comprehensible messages (see uploaded screen shot fragment).

I'm absolutely sure that I have no line # 0 in my code :joy: And there is not a single appearance of the words "COMPRESS" or "NOCOMPRESS" in my package. And as far as I see, there is also no duplicate CASE WHEN entry.

Of course I can't post my source code here in the public forum, but maybe one of the Quest guys want to have a glimpse on it? For sure I could send you my package.

Let me say, these messages are no matter for me, but maybe something could be fixed in the code analysis, whenever there is a bit time for :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

Just curious... had you initiated Code Analysis in batch (multiple packages/procs) or only for this one package?

I initiated Code Analysis only for this one package

Hello Rainer,

The code analysis engine is part of my shop, so if you like you can safely send your package to me, I'll be glad to examine what could have happened.