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Script runner skipping a block without issuing an error message


this is happening to a colleague running Toad for Oracle

When running a script using F5, it seems the script runner skips the first block of code,
which is to drop a table (conditionally). The next statement is a create table,
which fails because the table was not dropped.

We enabled Spool SQL to Screen, and indeed it seems the block is
read, but not executed. Nothing is shown for execution of that block.
Script runner goes right on to the next statement.

Here’s the script we’re running:


And this is the spooled SQL listing:

A colleague with the same version of Toad tried the script and it ran without issue.

So it looks like Toad is interacting with something in the environment to produce
the symptoms we’re observing.

Would you please help us to pinpoint the root cause of this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis

The script output doesn’t appear to be skipping anything according to the spool sql output. The drop table procedure is being called inside the AB but it appears that something inside that proc is failing. The issue appears to be that when it fails, no exception is raised so the AB simply assumes that it all went according to plan and the exception is never triggered. The next step in the script is the create table which can’t happen because the drop failed.

To troubleshoot, I would simply open the utl_krg.install.drop_table in the editor and execute it with the params you have in the script. This should give you some insight into what the issue is.


this was occurring in a Citrix environment. The colleague has rebooted his Virtual Desktop,
now the problem is gone. Since we can no longer reproduce the symptom,
I suggest we leave the issue alone.

should symptoms reappear, we can always restart investigations.

Kind regards,