Set variable error in Toad Data Point

After installing the upgrade: Toad Data Point, I am getting an error setting a variable in a script that has been running just fine for months.

The error message: mismatched input ‘00’ expecting ‘)’ line 1:20

It is occurring on a variable that references a previously defined variable. The first variable - p_start_dt - gets set as:

Round( add_days( last_day( add_months( current_date(), -2 ) ), 1 ) )

The next variable generates the error, and is defined as:


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you post the full error log and the Automation script and any linked SQL files?

Hello ken.gondor,

This specific bug was addressed recently - could you please retry this using the beta version of TDP 4.1?


Hello Ken,

The beta can be downloaded here:…/

Sorry for confusion… I meant TDP 4.1 Beta, which should be available early next week.