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Setup Calculated Field

I have Table 1 that contains unique links to multiple tables;Table A, Table B, Table C. Each of Tables A, B and C track various types of activities. I am trying to create a query that would provide a chronological listing of all activities regardless of what type of activity. Each of Table A, B, and C contain date/time stamps.

One way is to have a field that would pull the date/time stamps from each of Tables A, B and C and present one date/time list of which I could sort chronologically. Is there a way to do this or is there an alternate way to accomplish my goal.

Thank you.

Your approach sounds like the best way of doing it. Nothing comes to mind as an alternative.


Problem is that I have not been able to setup a field to combine the various date fields.

I have Columns A, B, C

I create a Calculated Field D.

If A>’’, then D=A.
If A=’’, then look at Column B.

If B>’’, then D=B.
If B=’’, then D =‘d’


I keep getting an error ‘Incorrect syntax near >’.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Building a complex IFF statement is a bit of a challenge. Here is one I made for another user. See if this helps with the syntax.

(IIF (IDW.WSTAT = ‘1’,‘I’, IFF (IDW.STAT=‘2’,‘R’,IIF (IDW.WSTAT=‘3’,‘C’,IIF (IDW.STAT=‘4’,‘D’))))) AS “Job Type” ,
(IIF (IDW.Q_L=1,‘V’,IIF(IDW.Q_L=2,‘H’,IIF(IDW.Q_L=3,‘V-H’,IIF(IDW.Q_L=4,‘C’,IIF(IDQ.Q_L=5,‘V-C’,IIF(IDW.Q_L=6,‘H-C’,IIF(IDW.Q_L=7,‘V-H-C’)))))))) AS Products

(IIf (problem.problem > ‘’,problem.problem,iif (item_medication.medication > ‘’, item.medication.medication)) AS All_Activity

Get error: Incorrect syntax near ‘>’.

Still not working…

Thank you for trying

I am a little confused about what your goal is, however, have you tried a UNION query? I believe the end result is what you are looking for.