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Several Issues with standard/compound triggers in 7.3


I see following issues, when working with the trigger editor:

  • if trigger properties is pinned and trigger text is greater then the editor text, navigating down with the mouse navigates outside of the editor

  • formatting of compound trigger does not work

  • auto code completion for :new and :old values does not work

Kind regards


Hi Torsten,

Thanks for your feedback issue.

  1. did you stll get text issue?

  2. for formatting of compound trigger issue, could you provide a piciure cut to us?

  3. we have create defect ID SQLNAV-2177 for this, and we didn’t support this code completion


Hi Michael!

  1. Can not reproduce or remember how to reproduce in 7.3 (long time ago from creating this post [:(]).

  2. Use example from you see following output:

  1. thank for creating this.

Kind regards