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SFTP with Private Key ( 64-bit)

This issue may be related to the 2012 issue raised here and possibly may still be open:

I need to connect to an SFTP site using an ID and Public Key. I also need to do this via a Proxy that requires Authentication. Lastly I need to do this in an Automation.

What will work:
If I setup the SFTP Config as follows:

If I have Save Password not checked and no password in the Proxy Authentication section, if I interactively attempt to connect to the SFTP site, I get the following POP-UP:


This looks like it is asking for the password to the Site, but through trial and error I discovered it is asking for the Proxy Password. If I enter the Proxy Password then the connection is correctly established and I can interactively pull/push files.

What Will Not Work
I need to be able to store the Proxy Password in the FTP Config. If I edit the config, enter the Proxy Password and click the Save Password option I can no longer interactively or via an automation use the FTP Configuration. When I attempt to interactively open the connection, I get the following error:


When I looked at the FTPConnections.xml file, the proxy password is stored in the connection as clear text which is unusual since I noticed if I have a config that authenticates with User/Password, that password is encrypted in the FTPConnections.xml file. Here is the relevant Proxy section of the XML file:

Needless to say if I can't interactively connect to the site with this config, using it in an Automation is a non-starter.

Hi - have you opened a support case on this? If so I will reference that number and get this in front of dev.

I have not, but can. Typically for this type issue on the TOAD for ORACLE side I post to the Forums, but if I need to Open cases for TOAD Data Point that is fine.

Thanks Michael - the Toad for Oracle engineering team is fantastic working off the forums, but for the Toad Data Point team - it is usually more effective to go through support if a engineering resource needs to be involved.