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Shortcut for Parameter Assistance


Is it possible to set a shortcut for parameter assistance?

It’s very handy to get a list of parameters after typing “(” but sometimes I don’t want it and it takes a few seconds to return. If this could be activated on a key-press I could have the assistance on demand.

The Code Insight pick list works this way - it is unchecked in the options and I can activate it on demand using Ctrl-T.

I had a look through the shortcuts but didn’t see an option for parameter assistance, apologies if I missed it.



This was there in the past, but changes for Toad 11 caused it to be removed. It is on my list to revisit. I can easily make it popup on shortcut, but the trick is getting it to skip params that may have already been entered. For example, showing it on shortcut when caret is at | should skip the previously entered 2 params.

proc_call(P1, P2, |