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Sometimes e-mail reply works (also posts to thread); sometimes it doesn't.

Priority: LOW (I have a work-around: I’ll just post to the threads manually/directly.)


I started a thread.

Someone posted a reply, and that triggered an e-mail to me also.

I replied by e-mail, and that also posted to the thread.

Someone posted a reply to my reply, and that triggered an e-mail to me also.

etc. etc. etc.

I replied by e-mail again, and I got back an error message:

Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 10:00
To: Harris, Jim (DOT)
Subject: RE: SEARCH tool in Forum generates ‘Service Unavailable’ ERROR

The subject line of your email did not include a token used by the system to
identify you and the message to which you are replying. Please try again, and
make sure not to delete the token (enclosed in square brackets) at the end of
the subject line.

None of the previous messages I received, or my replies, had any tokens or square brackets, and none of them failed. Now, they all fail.

Please advise.



Hi Jim,

like I wrote to your another today’s post, the system is going to be changed very soon, so, please, make use of direct posting here for the time being.

Thank you.


OK, thanks. This is good to know.

Thanks again for great support and a great product !


Jim Harris