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sql loader

I have a text description field I’m importing it keeps exceeding field size. avg row is 206 and i have the field set to 2000 varchar.

converted text to ascii code and the end numbers are x’13’ , x’10’

How do I get around this problem? I have tried using a CSV file and then a Tab delimited file??

Hi Fabian,

How is the field in question defined in your control file? If there’s no size specifier, sqlldr will assume a length of 255. If one of the rows is larger than that, you could receive that error. To get around it, simply specify the size of the field in the definition of your control file.


avg row is 206?

try to perform this sql before export:

select max(length(problem_column)) from table;

and see what is the maximum length of your problematic column.