SQL Navigator 5.5 --> Exporting question


I often run queries where large numbers of records are returned…since Excel is limited to how many rows it can contain (65k’ish), I typically just create a table, place the records, then just export to a MS Access database via ODBC. I noticed that there is an option; however when attempting to Export to Excel for ‘Selected Rows’. This is greyed out, though. If I have a customer that really wants the data in Excel (silliness), I would like to utilize this functionality to perhaps place data in seperate worksheets without needing HAVING clauses or what have you.

Can someone inform me how I can get this ‘Selected Rows’ functionality to become accessible?

Thanks beforehand,

Hi Clauddvon,

The ‘Selected Rows’ will be enabled when there is a selected rectangle in the data grid. You can use the general ways to select a rectangle, Shift + mouse click, or press left button and drag a rectangle. The export funtion will only include the rows and columns within the selected rectangle to the result.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Vincent!