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Sql Navigator 6.4 with statments

With x as (select 5 from dual),

(select 7 from x


select 8 from y)


select 6 from dual;

When attemping to run a query in the following situation, the program reports a random error depending on the location of the text curser at the time of the run. This worked in previous versions. Why does it no longer work?

y as (select 9 from dual)****

Hi there

Thankyou for reporting this issue, seems we have broken this between versions.

I have raised ST14469 for this issue and we will aim to fix it in the next beta drop.


(select 7 from (select 5 from dual)
select 8 from (select 9 from dual))
minus select 6 from dual;


Sorry I forgot to add that the only alternative for the moment is to re-write the statement without the "with’, eg.

Hi Shane,

Further evaluation of risks of the changes required, we would like to defer the changes to v7.0 release which currently targeted for later this year.

Our apology that we will not be able to include in the next v6.7 release as promised.

Thanks and regards,