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SQL Navigator 7.3 is released

Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce that SQL Navigator version 7.3 has been released. Thank you all for supporting the product and we really appreciate feedbacks and suggestions from you.

New features in SQL Navigator 7.3:

  • Connection Category Color - Optionally assign a connection to a category color in the Oracle Logon Dialog. Possible categories could be: development, test or production. You could create your own categories and assign colors as appropriate. The color is displayed in the following places in SQL Navigator: the connection entry in the Session toolbar, the border of windows belonging to the connection, task bar icons of windows belonging to the connection and tab icons of the Code Editor window.

  • New Online Search Dialog - When you double click on an error message which contains an Oracle error code, you can now select the online search engine to use to receive detailed Oracle error information from. Options include Google, Online Knowledge Base (maintained by Dell Support), Online Knowledge Xpert (maintained as Toad World Wiki) and Toad World Search.

  • Team Coding - The settings and backend repository are now compatible with Toad for Oracle 12.7. Git is now a supported Version Control System. There are new interfaces to administer Team Coding and manage Team Coding Objects.

  • Windows 10 - Support for Windows 10

The complete list of resolved issues and enhancements (for 7.3 release):

Product documentation:

Download the newest release (upgrade for existing users):

Download trial of the latest release (free trial for new users):


SQL Navigator Team


I tried to download the 7.3 from shared links but links are not working.

Download the new release:

Download trial:

How can we download thei version 7.3


Sorry about the old links – I replaced the old links which were no longer working with the correct links.


Nate Gaffaney, Quest Software