SQL Navigator prompts for "Value of a Substitution Variable"

vact varchar2(50);

vact := 'R & P;



I use SQL navigator

For the past one month whenever I run any SQL block with ampersand in it, it prompts me to “enter value for substitution variable”

Like when I try to create this

create or replace procedure test asbegindbms_output.put_line('vact ’ ||vact**);**
It prompts for a susbstitution value. However if I escape the & with &, the it is fine. This is the causing me issues. So for every string that contains &, I have to escape it with .

It does not happen in any of my collegaues SQL Navigator. I must have accidentally turned on or off something. Can you please let me know what setting shud I change so that this will not happen?

You have to turn off the Scan defines/Subsitutions option OFF. Look for a button that has “:&” on the code editor toolbar. Hope this helps.


Thanks that fixed the problem.

I cannot find this key. is this in a newer version?

I think it has been around for awhile. It's possible you have hidden that toolbar with a right click on the tool bar. Make sure all the buttons are available.