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SQL Navigator supports PL/ SQL Oracle Collections. i.e type & tab

i_c user_tab :=user_tab();

get_user (

i_c => i_c,
i_by => i_by


Please advise me , how to execute this SP, Does SQL Navigator supports ORACLE COLLECTIONS,

SQL Navigator supports Oracle Collections. i.e type & tab

I would like to execute PL/SQL procedure , which has tab as input . For example

i_by by_type := by_type( ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ );


Unfortunately, SQL Navigator doesn’t support input parameters of collection types. If you try to run your procedure (get_user), instead you will see a generated anonymous block, with no parameters assigned; you’ll have to assign their values manually (similarly to the example you gave us) and then press F9 again to run it. However, you CAN browse OUT parameters of collection types after you run a procedure.

Hope this helps,