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Starting data


Is it possible to somehow set initial data for some tables ?

When I don’t have ENUM field, I replaed it with tables structure, but now those enums must be stored as rows. But where to set them.

I know that some SQL commands can be set for each table, but there are multiple empty tabs, which one ?

If TDM3 could store it as it can users, groups, that would be nice.

Or is this task out of scope of database modeling ?


Hi Arki,

Do we understand well that you like to fill up tables in your database with data?

  • If so, this is not planned for now.

Now, to fill up tables with data, you can only use SQL commands that you can write e.g. on tab After Script of a table.

If we’ve misunderstood, please write us back. Thank you.


Vladka + Mario