Status of Generating report from Report Wizard


I am wondering if it is possible to implement some sort of indicator when generating reports. It would be useful when generating a report for a large database. I am trying to generate a data dictionary for the database, which includes 150 tables and some of the table has more than 100 attributes. I knew that the current beta version would indicate the status of which part of report it is generating. Unfortunately, as we has quite a lot of tables and columns, the status stay on “Generating column summary report” for over 20 minutes. i am not sure whether the program crash or it still generating the report.

i would be grateful, if toad could display a bit more indication about the status of generating the report. e.g. % of each of the status or estimate remain time…etc

Please let me know if you would like me to explain more.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

Thanks very much for your good suggestion!

We will deal with it. CR # 33 303.

Thanks again for your great co-operation!