Substitution varables display with percent symbol

up to now I have had no problem with outputting substitution variables. But after working in automation designer, when I run a script, those variables are surrounded by the '%' symbol, and my query no longer functions:

(SELECT UPPER('&unit_code') unit_code
, UPPER('&channel_d_t') channel --d/t
FROM dual);

substitutions: 'nasm' and 'd'

result set: '%NASM%' and '%D%'

what did I do to make that happen, and how can I revert?

Hmmm, cannot reproduce this issue. I am prompting for substitution variables and posting output to a file. Testing with version 17.0. See below...

What version of Toad are you using? Any extra detail you can provide?

I did some more playing around – I fixed the problem. one factor was that I was using environment variable instead of literal



Glad to hear it!