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Sysdate in query


I have a cross-connection query where I’m trying to use sysdate, as in:
But I get "Unknown column ‘sysdate’ in ‘where clause’ Make sure that the table is fully qualified…"

The help for Cross-Connection Query Functions lists sysdate as supported functions.

Using TDA Pro 3.2 on Win 7.


Cross-connection queries are parsed and process by the TDP Optimizer. Some parts of your query or all of your query may be passed to the origination server. When that happens you can use functions from the originating server. If the part of the query is implemented on this side you have to use a mySQL equivalent function.

I know that sounds confusing. Please see this Blog for a better explanation.



Thanks, the mysql sysdate() worked.
I thought I had tried that previously and it had failed, but today it worked.
I’ll study the blog posting you mentioned; makes for more complicated queries, but I understand the need to drive the data filtering back to the source.