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Tables are locked by 'Toad for SAP 3.1.0.bugs.1109' when using object explorer with SAP IQ

There is a problem with Toad for SAP which causes issues during production releases which had DDL changes.

How to reproduce:

1, Open Toad -> and connect to a Sybase IQ server via Connection manager

  1. Go to View- > Object Explorer.

Now Check for table locks by using sp_iqlocks. You will see shared locks on ALL tables on the server, across all schemas.

Thus, if someone has a Toad session open during the release, any DDL on a tables such as alters, will fail with a table is in use error.

I don’t understand why Toad needs to lock all tables .

We have many Toad sessions connected, and this is not feasible for us to control everyone and tell them not to use Toad during the release.

Has anyone come across this issue and do you have solution ?

Version : Licensed Toad for SAP 3.1.0 bugs 1109


this is really strange issue which I am not able reproduce. This is probably issue with transactions which could be caused by client or server. We did few changes in latest version and we posted new Beta so please try it.

You can also try turn off Auto commit (in bottom left corner).

Let me know if this help you.


Hi Filip,

We are seeing similar issue.

The issue is more likely to happen, if after step 2 as per OP, once you are in the object explorer,

try searching for an object by typing something in in the search.

And then check for locks on the server by running sp_iqlocks.




can you please try it and confirm with our latest Beta? I found task where we fixed similar issue (QAT-8291) so would be great if you can confirm us.



Did you download Beta and try? We will be releasing TAP 3.2 pretty soon and would like to make sure this fix handled things for you.