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TDM 4.3 SVN integration not working



I use TDM and SVN 1.7.8 on Windows 7 64 and I haven’t managed to get the Source Control integration working.

I create an empty project with version control system and add a model to it, it behaves as a standard empty project stored locally. I don’t even get the Subversion context menu on the project. I’ve configured everything as described in the Help file and the video at .

In our case we’ve installed Tortoise SVN including the command line tools.

What am I missing?



We have tested twice to cross-check, but everything works fine on our side and we haven’t had any issues with the latest SVN 1.7.8 reported from anyone else.
Anyway, what do messages in the Message Explorer read? Double-click a message, Event dialog with details opens and send what it reads, please.

Thank you!