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TDM for Open Source Projects


We use TDM currently for our Open Source efforts here at WebReach. I’ve used Erwin and ERStudio in the past. I switched to TDM for it’s support of open source databases.

Our most popular OSS product is Mirth, a Healthcare Messaging middleware product. We are also involved in several other collaborative efforts with other open source developers (OpenMRS for instance). I’d love to have the ability to suggest to folks on these other projects that they use TDM when the projects require an ER Diagramming aspect. I really can’t suggest using a product that requires a license be purchased.

We already use great products like Jira and Confluence. Primarily because they’re great, but also, these products allow a qualified ‘open source’ license upon request, if someone can show that they are legitimately creating open source products. If so, then the the licensing fee is waived.

My question to Quest is: do you have an existing policy for using TDM (or any other Quest products) license free for Open Source projects?


Gary Teichrow
Owner, Chief Architect, WebReach, Inc.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your post.

Just a quick note - your question forwarded to the responsible people in Quest.





Thanks Vladka. I’ll await the word from upon high :wink:





I was wondering if there was any feedback from my question that you know about? As far as I can tell, I haven’t received any information from anyone at Quest yet with regard to an opinion in area covered by my question. Should I assume the answer is no or just that it take a while to get answers to questions like these :slight_smile: If you could ask around, that’d be great.




Hello Gary,

I keep you in mind.
I know my superiors have been discussing your question. For now, no answer/decision on this issue has been made.
I would like to ask you for patience.
Thanks very much.





Thx for your reply. As long as I know the gears are grinding, that’s fine with me.