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TDM Reverse Engineering problem

I use licensed TDM (64 bit)
Reverse Engineering very important function for me.
My OS is Windows 10. I planned to use use Reverse Engineering for PostgreSQL 12.
When I try to use Reverse Engineering my first step is to create connection, but I can't. I am getting error message in Message Explorer:
"Access violation at address 00000000005DCE1B in module 'TDM.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000078". Sometime it is different.

I thought to download new TDM version. But as understood it is impossible. Am I right?


Hello Ulan,
this issue looks like the problem with Windows 1809 and TDM 6.3 but we need a whole error log to confirm it.

If you are not already registered with Quest Support, you should go to and click on the person icon top right of the screen and select 'Create Support Account'. Once completed, you can download Toad Data Modeler from here. If you have any questions or issues please email


Hello Dave,

Thank you for information. Unfortunately I can't download new TDM, I am no longer current on maintenance.

TDM logs folder is empty.

And my OS is windows 10 pro (version 1909).

When try to start Reverse Engeen. and create connection in message explorer I am getting - Access violation at address 00000000005DCE1B in module 'TDM.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000078.



Hi Ulan,
I can confirm the problem is caused by the incompatibility of TDM 6.3 and Windows 10 version 1909. The only workaround is to update to version 6.5 and higher.
However, on the issue of the upgrade to the newest version, please contact our support.