TDP 3.4- Excel export date/time stamp

Anyone notice that TDP 3.4 does not export date/time stamp properly to Excel.

If I export the output from ‘select sysdate from dual;’ to Excel, Excel only reads sysdate value as date only.

Is this a bug?

Which version are you comparing to? I tried 3.3 and 3.4, the value was formated as Date only, but if you change the format to include time, the time value still there.

The ability to added date and number format is new to this release. You can now export any format you want.

I apologize for not being clarifying how I am exporting the data. I am exporting the data from “TO FILE” activity from Automation, as well as “QUICK EXPORT” to Excel from the result set. When using both of these export options, the date/time exports as date only.

The issue only happens to values of Date type. If the values are of Timestamp, they will be in format with both date and time. Anyway, this is just how we tell Excel to format the values. You can change the format in Excel to have it show whatever format you like. This is a behavior since version 3.3.

If you want to control the export format you will need to use the export wizard and use the format as I show in the image above.

This is ridiculous, maybe oter product are better to give satisfaction to client! Older version works better than newer! Come on guys, Everyone is using Quick Export in Excel. I m sorry, but as client with many users, I recommand to change version and go back to TDA or Chage tool.

The problem is that we have to please ALL users. One user wants this date format. Another user wants something different. We can’t please everyone with the defaults. I personally get pretty warn out trying to please everyone, especially when they get so frantic and threaten to leave. That kind of communication just makes me want to ignore the comment.

With that being said, we implemented data formats to try and please everyone. You can right click on your result set and choose the format using the export wizard. i did enter QAT-4288 to either export the formats shown being used in the current grid or add an option page to set default formats.

P.S. Using Oracle as a connection I tested 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3 and 3.2 and all export sysdate with date portion only. Do this has been this way for a very long time.