TDP installation with present 64-bit DB2 environment

Dear all,

while installing Toad Data Point 3.3 on my notebook I get an error message saying something like this:

“There is a 64-bit DB2 envorinment and it cannot be mixed with the 32-bit DB2 client that comes with Toad.”

The installation stops then. Can Toad be installed despite that, I only use Oracle DBs, or is there any (command line) parameter that can be set?

I am stuck here with the default installation of our IT department.

Thanks in advance,


If you have never installed a DB2 client, perhaps you installed an earlier version of Toad Data Point and used the 64-bit installer. If that is the case, you could uninstall the older TDP and this should allow you to install the latest 32-bit TDP installer.