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Team Coding – Unable to Compile or Unlock Checked Out Object

Our team has run into an interesting situation. Upon checking out an object from a schema and it’s the very first checkout for that schema (this is important to note), the object is completely locked prohibiting any modifications or check ins even by the user who did the check out or by the TC Admin. As the TC Admin (with TC_ADMIN_ROLE), tried ‘Break Team Coding Lock’ but that didn’t do anything. The only workaround we could find was to update the “check out” record in the TCX_OBJECTS table, which released the lock on the object. Subsequent checkouts in the same schema on the same or different objects have no issues. Has anyone encountered this and if so, how did you resolve it?

Object: Stored Procedure

Toad Version:

VCS: Git

Toad Message: "Info - Procedure WHS.F_DISTR_CCS_LOAD checked out from Team Coding." "Output: Procedure WHS.F_DISTR_CCS_LOAD is locked by . Team Coding prevented compilation." (see screenshot if possible - looks small here) Note the message doesn't state who has the object locked. It only says "locked by" with no name.

Thanks for the help!

Hi diocelyn,

While Toad 12.8 did fix a number of issues within Team Coding from Toad 12.7, it still had a few issues and this may be one of them. We’re just about to release Toad 12.9 within the next couple of weeks. Team Coding has been completely rewritten in Toad 12.9 with a key focus on improved performance, stability, and usability. I tried your steps in Toad 12.9 and was not able to reproduce this issue.

If you can wait a couple more weeks until Toad 12.9 is released, I think you’ll be pleased to find the latest version a significant improvement over Toad 12.8. Also, if you’d like to be a part of the future development of Team Coding (or any other features) within Toad, I’d highly recommend signing up for the beta program by clicking here:

Signup is free and allows you to provide a voice into the future development of Toad. We generally produce two public betas per week, so you’ll be able to see the latest development efforts in near-real-time. In addition, you can leave feedback, let us know of bugs, or request new functionality on the beta forum. The developers monitor that forum daily, and we generally have a very short turnaround time for fixing bugs and/or adding features.