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Team coding using toad

Don't we have Team Coding feature in toad for SQL Server ? I have seen we have Team Coding in toad for oracle with that i can connect to tfs.
Can't we connect to TFS using toad for SQL Server?
What is the latest version of Sql server we can use using toad?
Which version of TFS we can connect with Toad?

Yes, "team coding" exists in Toad for SQL Server (see snap below)... perhaps easiest way to get started is by right-clicking an object in the Object Explorer and choosing Version Control-> Version Control Wizard.

Toad supports TFS, Subversion, Git and file-based version control models. You can see the tech docs here which outline which versions of SQL Server and TFS we support, but basically Toad supports SQL Server through 2019 and TFS through 2015 officially.