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Terminating Variables

I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and can’t find what TDA uses to terminate variables for Oracle. For example I need to do the following:

select &variable.fieldname

The problem is TDA keeps using the . to separate table.fieldname and as such I end up with variable.fieldname instead of variablefieldname.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am sorry. I do not understand. Seems that the period is useful in creating schema.object name references. Are you trying to build the field name by concatenating two strings? I don't think SQL *Plus supports that either.

Can you elaborate or post a script that works in SQL *Plus so I can follow what you need.

Attached is a screenshot of what I tested.


Thanks and sorry for the confusion. Let me try this:

I have a series of tables where only the first 3 characters (well actually only the second) in every field name is different. SYBxxxx, SZBxxxx, SWBxxxx The table names themselves follow the same pattern. I can use variables to change table names w/o problem. However, I want to be able replace the first three characters of the fieldnames using @variable. An analyst said in SQL Plus they use . as a variable terminator so I tried @variable.xxxx but that’s when I realized this wouldn’t work in TDA. Now maybe I’ve been misled cause I haven’t tested outside of TDA.

Does that make sense?

That usecase isn’t supported. If you were using this SQL in automation you could automate a find and replace and that would work. But we do not support this in the editor.


Actually that’s a great idea I should have thought about it to begin with! Thanks.