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TFS Team Coding Error

I have toad 12.12, I am trying to setup TFS by following steps and getting error.

Team Coding-configuration-Select TFS ( 2008 -2017) from drop down- Enter Server name and port. Click Apply.

click Apply again and Click Ok.

click logon to VCS.

getting this error, Please help.

when I double click last error, I get “Team Coding is not installed”

Hi Hchauhan,

Based on the error you listed, it sounds like you haven’t installed the Team Coding objects into the database yet. Those need to be installed if you want to control database objects within Team Coding. Without them, all you’d be able to do is file/script-based source control, in which you’d need to handle everything manually.

I would recommend reading through “Getting Started with Team Coding” document, which can be found here:

That should help walk you through installing the necessary Team Coding objects, as well as linking to your VCS and configuring a basic project to control desired database objects. The PDF is written for Toad 12.9, but you should also be able to use it with Toad 12.12. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post a response on here and we’ll do what we can do help.



Thank you so much John for you quick reply, I will go through your document and work with my team.

I will reply what we did to resolve this issue.

Thank you