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TOAD - Where to find it??



When I ask TOAD to look for updates it tells me that release is available.

But I can’t find it anywhere.
Not on Quest supportLink and not here…

Does anyone have a link where I can download it from or is there a reason why I can’t find it anywhere (bugs etc…)?

Best Regards

//Rickard Hökros
DBA Jönköping Energi AB


Go to downloads and updates on SupportLink, and browse the Toad for Oracle


It’s on SupportLink

 Toad for Oracle 10.1 Patch for SOL58370 (

This patch addresses various issues with Toad for Oracle 10.0. Refer to the SupportLink knowledgebase article SOL58370 for additional information and instructions on implementing the patch.

NOTE: This patch is only applicable for Toad for Oracle 10.0. Please make sure that Toad is installed before running this patch.
Last Updated: 11/4/09 File Size: 32,764 KB



Installing the patch when you have dual monitors…repositions every screen
in the middle (i.e. split between the 2 monitors) no matter how many times you
move one, the next one goes right back.


Glad to see the patch was released on October the 23st :wink:


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Was the author thirsty?

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I found it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!!