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TOAD 13.0 Top 20 Rules


Under Options, Code Analysis, General I have “Top 20” in the Default Rule Set, I have never changed this from previous versions. In 12.12 while in the Editor it would mark unused variables in a program identified by Rule ID 6405, "Avoid defining variables that are not referenced inside the program.’

This is an informational message I found to be very useful. This is not working for me in version


Rule 6405 still exists in the Top 20 set of Code Analysis rules, even in Toad/Oracle 13.0. To confirm what’s in your Top 20 Rule Set…

  1. Database->Diagnose->Code Analysis to get into the Code Analysis window

  2. Click on the Edit Rule Sets tool bar button to bring up the list of Rule Sets

  3. Verify that rule # 6045 is in the list.

Rule Sets out of the box are read-only, but you can clone an existing one, or create custom rule sets of your own.