Toad calculate faster way to run something

I was told with the newer versions of toad there was a way to calculate faster way to run something. What is this called and where do I find it?

What are you trying to make faster? Are you trying to optimize a SQL statement? If so, see the "Auto Optimize SQL" feature available from the Database | Optimize menu. It requires a Toad for Oracle Xpert license or higher.

Yes I am trying to optimize an sql statement. Thank you. Just couldn't remember what it was called. My company provides the Toad for Oracle Xpert license thankfully.

And just to be clear, the Xpert Edition of Toad for Oracle consists of two product components: Toad for Oracle (of course) and SQL Optimizer for Oracle.

It's the Optimizer component that Toad passes your query to in order to find possibly faster execution alternatives for your queries.

Did not realize that. Thank you for adding that piece of information :slight_smile: .

Yes, thanks. It's important because some Toad Xpert customers don't check the box for installing this second optimizing component, and then when it comes time to do some SQL Tuning, the "Auto Optimize" or "Optimize SQL" capabilities don't show in Toad.

Auto Optimize SQL is always available, even if you do not install the full blown SQL Optimizer. The full SQL Optimizer application contains additional features that may be useful, but basic query rewrites from within Toad do not require it.

How would I know if I installed everything? I installed it to long to remember. I usually click the install everything button if I see it.

If you clicked install everything, then you're likely OK.
Probably fastest way to know that SQL Optimizer if installed and present is to hit the Win Logo key and start typing "SQL Optimizer". Windows will find it if it's installed, since it can be launched as a stand-alone product.

I see it :slight_smile: . Thank you.